Complaint: I had purchased a new Veloster from Hyundai of Bradenton (formally Jenkins Hyundai) in October, 2011. The dealership, the finance officer in particular had provided the worst car-buying experience I’ve ever had! I’d been so stupidly excited and duped by the monthly payment figure my salesperson had given me! I believed and trusted as I was on such a high provided by the car, the monthly dollar figure I was given and the sales staff egging me on and clapping their hands! There was such friendliness among them and the entire floor was clapping their hands when I said “yes”” to the monthly dollar payment figure my salesperson gave me! In all the high feelings I had I let my guard down and trusted them and never thought for a moment that it was all a ploy and that the finance officer I was soon to meet would be so dishonest and totally deceiptful! The finance officer had practically possessed me the second I had stepped thru his office door! I had asked him for a SIX-year loan with a low interest rate. I told him I had good credit scores (770 average)

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Address: but in the end without telling me he had set me up with a SEVEN year loan along with giving me a high interest rate I later found out (5.79%). All the local banks were currently offering much better rates (2.99% and lower)! A month after the purchase

Website: the maintenance package and the road hazzard package without worrying! I only later found out after bringing the car home that my monthly payment was $100 more per month than the figure I was given and that my loan was a SEVEN year loan instead of a SIX year loan! The finance officer never told me neither of these things! How could I let this happen

Phone: I was finally able find a credit union that would refinance the car at a lower rate. Two banks I had applied with had refused my application saying I had paid too much for the car