Received a message from a Connection/Member in my LinkedIn account on Nov 3, 2019 referring me to a website for a side job, good money and can be done on own time especially while employed full time. I clicked on link to open to a Mystery shop site, which I thought I had seen and/or heard of before. I answered a couple of generic questions, mostly contact info including email. Than on Nov 12th I received a text message saying I was reviewed and accepted, hereby confirmed and Assignment to commence soon. The following day I got an envelope delivered via USPS from FINO CONSULT INC in Florida. Inside was a letter and a check for $1815. The check was from a Bank/Credit Union I had NEVER heard of (Security Service Federal Credit Union which is in TEXAS) and the letter did not seem professional at all, no letter head or Company signatures. I decided to research the bank and Company mentioned in letter, H&Z Research/Consulting. The Bank/Credit Union did pop up with Same address on check but the check also said Issued by MoneyGram and had a RE: with a Name I didn’t know. Continuing my uneasy suspicions, I continued my search with the Company mentioned, and that’s where I couldn’t believe my eyes. A scam alert popped up and what I read from Jzamo #63306 on Oct 21, 2019 was the EXACT same scenario I had. It was almost 100% identical, with the check amount being different by a few dollars BUT the same COMPANY (H&Z Research Consultant) and CONTACT PH # (470)766-0650!Immediately I went back on my LinkedIn account to confront the Connection that sent me the initial job site referral, not to any Surprise, that I have yet to receive a reply from such person and NOW the link to the site sent to me is NOT WORKING and WILL NOT OPEN.