I was searching recipes on Saturday July 13, 2019 when a message popped up on my computer. Warning!! Warning!! Your computer has been compromised!! Call this number immediately!! 1-800-951-8309 so I did. The man identified himself as Mac Technician team representative. He said that my computer had been infected with a Trojan Horse and that he needed remote access to my computer in order to resolve the problem. I allowed him remote access he took over my computer and installed an anti-virus program among other things. He then explained that for this protection he needed my credit card information which I gave him. He was offering three different protection plans 1,3 and lifetime plans. He recommended the lifetime plan but I took the 3 year plan which was $249.99. While he had control of my computer he docu-Signed the agreements choosing my name. He showed me all the viruses that he found and told me that my IP address had been hacked and that he needed to give me a new address. I was afraid to use my computer after that Saturday. On Monday I was talking to my husband and told him what had happened. He looked up the site on the ScamPulse.com webpage. I had been scammed! I spent two days on the phone with Apple Tech support to go through my computer and get rid of everything the scam artist had installed. I then had to close all my credit cards and bank cards along create new login-in and passwords. Thank God for the Apple Team support. They were so patience and kind and walked me through everything until my computer was back to normal. I hope this experience will help a lot of people.