Upon planning our 15-yr wedding anniversary in the fall, I booked one nite (09/27) at the Marriott thru Hotels.com at a very low rate. Few weeks later we decided to fly in one day earlier, so I booked the previous night (09/26)separately. Naturally the rate was higher. I continued to check for rate decreases and noticed that the rate had gone down for the the 26th. Thru their website, I cancelled just the 26th and rebooked at the lower rate. Didn’t do anything for the 27th because the rate for that nite was still incredibly low. nOn a hunch, I called the Marriott directly and they only showed reservations for the 26th and not the 27th. From our credit card statement I found that Ian Travel was the booking agency for Hotels.com. After talking to 3 different people, Freddie, Louis, Sadie (all who could not speak english well) over two days and being left on hold for minutes at a time, they finally told me that the reservation was faxed to the Marriott, again, and, yes, we are confirmed for both nights. On another hunch, I called Marriott directly and they still had no reservations for the 27th, but a cancellation number instead. nI thought what is going on? On my final call to Ian Travel, I spoke with “Calvin”” (couldn’t make out if female or male) who kept on interrupting. When I finally got through to him that we had no reservations for the 27th

he said

“”I show you have a confirmation number so that means you have a room. There is no problem””. I questioned how that could be since I just called the Marriott and they gave me a cancellation number instead. He told me he will fax the reservation to the hotel and “”click””

he put me on hold. Not less than a minute later

he said the confirmation was faxed to the Marriott and the hotel have confirmed the reservation. I’m no brain surgeon