Well, I bought this MSI Laptop in June of 2016. Here it is at the end of January 2017 and I still don”t own my laptop because it has been necessary to send it back 3 times for repairs. The first couple times they didn”t even fix the problem. Just sent it to MSI to repair (which they didn”t do) sent it back to iBuypower to test (which they obviously didn”t do) then sent it back to me still broken. 7 1/2 months now and I still don”t own my laptop and am not very confident when I do get it back that it will be fixed. If and when I do get it back the warranty will be almost half over and I didn”t even get to use it during that time. Multiple employees at iBuypower told me that it was common place to refund or replace a laptop after a 3rd repair in a short period of time but they can”t authorize it. Who can? Richard Lee apparently, except good luck getting a hold of him. But after several calls and a long time on hold I did get to speak to him. H

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