We needed funding for our small business, a unique children’s store that has been struggling in this economy for the past year. We had spent alot of research time and located IC Financials that appeared to be reputable and honest. We checked out their website and we were satisfied. upon calling them, they interviewed us over the phone and then gave us a list of requirements. The first person we spoke with was John Rucker. He then stated that he would get back to us and let us now if we quialified. About one hour later we heard back from him we were told we fit their criteria and we were qualified to make an application. nOur application was based on the need for increased children’s education events, increased advertising, site improvements, increased inventory and website advertising. Since we were a women run and owned small business that was also a plus. We were told that we qualified for a goverment grant of $125,000.00-$500,000.00. we had only one day to put together our packet which included a business plan, what we needed with the grant money and a cost list. Luckily we already had our Business plan. I dropped everything to work on this for the rest of the day and the next day. We really developed an extensive and comprehensive. we put alot of thought, research and time in to this document. nThey were great at making us feel that this was real and we really had a chance but even more they stated that it was tough to qualify with them but we had made it. nI got the e-mail confirmation, sent it off as required, with our payment of $479.00 and all the required documents on June 15, 2007. I called three days later to see if it was received and they said they had it and would begin to work on our grant. We were told that it was 12- 14 week process in which do the necessary research to match us up with the right grants. We felt that this real and John had stated that it is very rare if you don’t match up with a grant and receive one. nWe were very positive and hopeful. We really felt that they were being honest. I did feel that I needed to keep in contact with them and get frequent updates. We kept in contact by watching their website and made call to inquire how our application was doing. By mid July, I called again and was told our contact person was a Tim Cage. The next time I called at the end of July I was transfer to a young lady who I did not get her name. By August, I decided to e-mail my questions and never received a response. I used their e-mail, [email protected]. nBy September, I started calling again because it was close to the 12 weeks and we were depending on this funding. This is when I started getting that the number was blocked and the recorded message said the number you have called is blocked VPBX1015. nI looked at the website again and it said that they were not accepting any more applications. nOn September 11, 2007 I sent a Certified letter to the company. nOn September 13, 2007 we looked at the website and it was closed and then we found all the references to fraud and the Ripoff Scams. nWe are very disappointed and frustrated however, we will keep going and be positive. This company needs to be caught and pay back all the ripped off clients. nIngridnSan DiegonCalifornia nIngridnSan Diego, CaliforniaU.S.A.

316 C Alifornia Avenue Suite #649 Rno, NV 89509 Nationwide U.S.A.


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