I recently did business with a company by the name of ICARE TIMESHARE MARKETING INC. they called me claiming they had a pre-approved family that was interested in buying my timeshare. I gave them $1200 which they said was a refundable deposit for the selling of my Christmas Mountain timeshare in New Hampshire. It has been 4 months and I haven’t received my deed and title which they said I would receive in less than a month. I have requested a refund and they have told me that wasn’t possible. I have became fed up with their process and have come to the conclusion I will not receive a 14,000$ check for my timeshare. I was told I would recieve my check within 90 days and it has been around 140 days. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

3860 W. Commercial Blvd Tamarac, Florida United States of America


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