Extremely Poor Service-Do Not Buy!


My Complaint: In November 2013, I purchased a dress from Ickl Fashion. It received rather quickly, but the dress did not fit and I needed another size. According to the website, only exchanges can be made. So I was given the address to return it to, an address in Hong Kong. I sent it out in early December. For months, there was no word from the company that it was received. They asked me to check its status, and when I did, it simply said “in-transit.” This past weekend, four months later, the package turned up in my mail. Apparently the package was shipped to the address given to me but was unclaimed. I immediately sent an e-mail but still have not received a response. This company has been nothing but unprofessional. I wish I could alert more buyers to not buy from this company. They have poor communication skills, and obviously don’t care about pleasing the customer. What a disappointment this company has proven to be. They should be ashamed of themselves, and they have great audacity to even call themselves a company.


My Demand: Buyers Beware