I fully agree with what was said in the posting at: www.ripoffscams.com/r/ICS-MERRILL/internet/ICS-MERRILL-Liears-and-Rip-off-Artist-Internet-877198 and want to add to it. 1. I am working for ICS and can not stand to watch how ICS is swindling its clients (insurance companies) by charging them billable hours for work that is not being done. What I mean by it is, ICS wants to pay its investigators as little money as possible and to accomplish that ICS designed a web based The Smart Partner Compass Case Management System www.tmgecase.com. In order to avoid paying investigators for writing required case updates and case reports, ICS trains investigators to do those tasks while working surveillance at locations. Basically an investigator sitting in a car on a surveillance case is required to write his/her reports and updates instead of doing the surveillance. There are several issues with that: (a) the client is paying for those surveillance hours at a full rate; instead the ICS Merrill uses that time for report and update writing. (b) At the same time an investigator can not look into a computer screen typing, and at a claimant who is the subject of the surveillance. (c) Clients are not aware that investigators instead of doing surveillance spend a significant time and efforts typing updates and reports, because if they don’t ICS Merrill would only pay them half (1/2) of their hourly rate for the time spent doing reports and updates after the surveillance efforts are completed. Basically ICS Merrill gets a free ride at their customer’s expense. 2. ICS Merrill takes advantage of its investigators in many ways: (a) In the Smart Partner Compass Case Management System cases are scheduled seven days a week without any time to rest. It is common for ICS employees to work 14 or 21 days in a row without a single day off. Investigators are extremely tiered, not accurate or focused, and they burn out quickly. (b) The cases are scheduled back-to-back in blocks of 4, 6 or 8 hours without a single break. No lunch break for you the ICS investigator. When two 4-hour cases are scheduled back-to-back only a minimum time to commute from one case to another is allowed. Regardless if it is 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours work day no meal periods are given. Employees are not allowed to even go to a bathroom. Employees work out of their cars and they are told to urinate into u201cpee-bottlesu201d that they carry in their vehicles. (c) ICS employs full time hourly employees are paid a variable hourly pay rate based on different tasks performed: i. Full Hourly Rate for fieldwork. ii. Half (1/2) Hourly Rate for drafting updates. iii. FREE. Zero, no compensation for writing reports. iv. When traveling to and from cases, employees are only paid half of the regular hourly rate after one hour of free travel. In another words, because that work is not billable to ICS clients, when traveling to and from cases ICS does not pay any compensation to itu2019s employees ($0.00) for the first hour of travel, and every following hour (after the 1st HR) is paid at half of employeeu2019s hourly rate. v. The ICS system is cleverly designed to take advantage of every little thing. For example, investigators are required to submit time traveled so they could get compensated for the time after the 1st FREE HR and to do that ICS uses a decimal point calculation system instead of Hours/Minutes/Seconds. Employees often do not spend time calculating the decimal equivalent. If an investigator traveled 1 hour and 15 minutes, he/she often enters into ICS system 1.15 but that is less, because 1 hr and 15 min is 1.25 (15 min is a quarter of an hour). This is is not explained to investigators and most of them do not even know what they are doing. But there are approximately 400 investigators at ICS Merrill and if ICS gets a little time off each investigator 24/7/365 it adds to big money to ICS. 3. ICS Merrill cheats the unsuspected insurance claimants out of benefits they receive or should be awarded by spying on people and instructing all investigators to always use certain words like: (a) “During the surveillance effort

the claimant was observed as he worked on his vehicle in front of the residence. When observed

the claimant was not observed wearing any visible braces or orthopedic support devices.”” or (b) “”Additional surveillance is recommended to further document the claimantu2019s activities and abilities. Surveillance to include a weekend would provide an opportunity to observe the claimant as he appears to be active during this time frame.”” — they always want to squeeze clients for more money. (c) it does not matter that claimants may have injuries. If they are not extremely careful

they will have in their reports surveillance info that may deprive them of the benefits. ICS represents that it cares about ethics

etc. But it’s all just a BS