My husband ordered 2 prayer crosses for my sister & I on Feb 9, 2009. As of today, 4/22/09, we have not received nor got anywhere with this company. nAfter having to ask for a supervisor 3 times and being place on hold 10, 15, 19 mins respectively, the supervisor told us it was sent to a street that does not even EXIST in our town or any neighboring ones. They refused to refund money, claim to have no tracing numbers and will not resend the item until we wait for them to send, yet again, another paper to sign and return and hope we have it in another 2-3 months! nThe item was advertised and confirmed to be sent in 4-6 wks. We are 10 wks and 2 days in with NO item coming in! Not to mention when we called what was on our CC statement, it was another company! We had to get online to find these people! nMy husband advised them our CC company is filing a dispute against them and if we need to, we WILL take them to court. He also advised them that we would be turning them in to the BBB and here. Her reply? Ok then. Then HUNG UP on him!!! nFRAUD loud and clear folks! Spread the word as we are doing, do NOT use this company EVER EVER EVER!!! nWill let you know the outcome! nKellynAlliance, OhioU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.


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