Stacie Herron is one to look out for. Take notes, ladies, because you really want to keep your eyes peeled for this one. The first thing you should know about Stacie is that she is a big meth-head. She has been hooked for years now, and she will do anything if it means she will get her next fix. Anything. She only cares about herself and her addiction. She will not stop to think about what her actions do to others, even if children are involved. She does meth right in front of her son Acyn. I shudder to think of how that child is growing up.
She will do her best to try to sleep with all kinds of men. Even if she knows the man is involved with another woman, even if she knows he is married, she will keep doing what she does. She will take them to a hotel or to her baby daddy’s house (Anthony Carter) and fuck them for money.
She has a nursing degree. But because of all the meth, she hasn’t passed her nursing test. I wouldn’t want this slut watching over me or anyone

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