I was contacted by a "Debbie Lang" on Facebook Messenger who I was already friends with on Facebook. She said that I could receive a government grant and that she’d received her money by paying $2,000 to IFC Government Grants in the form of "Customs Fees" and another type of fee. She stated that she had the money deliver to her in cash to her front door within an hour and a half of paying all of these fees.She said that I should contact "Jonathan Yazzie" about getting my grant. I asked him why I had to pay all of these fee to receive my money. He stated that there was a $500 "home delivery charge" that I needed to pay in the for of 5 $100 Amazon Gift cards. I purchased these gift cards and sent pictures of them to him via Facebook Messenger. Then he told me I had to send $800 for "IRS fees" through Sally Parker Walmart to Walmart transfer to an address in Arizona. He then said my money was going to New Hampshire. They said that I had to pay a $1500 "customs service fee" in order to receive. He said that he’d paid $500 of this fee himself so that I only had to pay $1000. He told me that he wanted me to go to UPS and overnight and send the $1000 to address 11501 Petosky Ave. Blk 8 Apt 30., Detroit, Michigan in two separate envelopes. At this point I got suspicious and called ScamPulse.com to report this.