Complaint: I bought an iHealth Labs blood pressure monitor on Amazon and it was really bad. The readings were terrible and the product wasn’t at all waht I hoped for. I reached out to Amazon since I purchased the blood pressure monitor from iHealth on Amazon’s website but they promptly told me to contact iHealth instead. I found the number on their site along with a European e-mail address and gave them a call. The number led me to customer service who had me call the company’s Online Sales Director, Dean Wong. I chatted with him for a while and while he apologized for the troubles I was going through, he openly admitted that the iHealth Labs bp monitors were inferior products and that he recommended me going with another company’s product instead. After suggesting I purchase an Omron blood pressure monitor, he told me that he’d complained the the company’s management about the quality of their blood pressure monitors but that no one had listened to him in the few months he had the role. I told him this wasn’t a relief and he apologized again and offered gift cards in exchange for me taking down my bad review on iHealth on Amazon. While Dean was nice and flirty over the phone, his openness in describing the poor quality and the troubles he’d had in getting the company to put out a good quality product was very worrisome. I refused to take down my poor review on Amazon despite his pleas and feel bad for anyone else that purchases these products.

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