Recently, I ordered on-line Twinnings Orange Pekoe tea from Iherb. When the package arrived this week via their shippers Global Mail Plus, a DHL division, I was out and the Postman left a notice, instead of leaving the package at my doorstep, because there was a C.O.D. charge on it for $10.01. After making the payment and picking up the parcel from the Post Office, I’ve realized that Global Mail Plus was charging me $10.00 extra unwarranted fees for handling payment of one cent for taxes on the shipment , which was a bit farfetched, due to the fact that in Canada we don’t deal with pennies anymore. I have seen devious ruses in my time to make the extra buck, but this scam beat them all. Even Canada Post advised me not to pay it and send it back but I let it go for I knew I’d never get a penny back from those crooks. Needless to say, Iherb condones and stands behind this scam and defends their shippers and their right to charge extra and puts the blame on Canadian Customs, which in this case didn’t even recieve a penny, be it duty or taxes. It’s a known fact that UPS and DHL, are notorious pushing unsuspecting Canadians to pay for extra brokerage fees that are unjustified as well. Many Canadians refuse to accept delivery under the circumstances. The returned packages stay in shipper’s warehouse for months, until they return it to the US suppliers. In the meantime Canadians do not see a refund and if and when they do, it would be a fraction of what they’ve paid, for shipping charges for return would be deducted as well as handling fees. I will never deal with Iherb again and I advise all Canadians to be alert and not fall into those unseen traps.

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