Complaint: After almost 3 years of working for IHOP I got promoted for a PIC position (third person in charge) I realized that there were weird things happening around. Cooks are supposed to get to the restaurant at 5:30 a.m. All of them show up at 6:30 or 7:00 sometimes later. One of my responsabilities is, I should say was, to write a daily report of any single thing that happens during my shift including tardies of course. When the cooks found out that my reports included them they started harassing me. I told my manager Jonah Carpenter about it he adviced me not to pay attention to what they said and keep doing my job. One day I asked the bussers if they were getting paid as cooks when they stop doing their job (cleaning tables)and help in the kitchen, they said no but they have to do it cause they were afraid of getting fired. I asked them not to do that anymore and once again I got yield by the cook Ismael Sernas, he asked me to mind my own business and he even threaten me. I was now scared and I wrote several letters to my main manager my district manager… I even thought about getting a protective order. Mr. Carpenter said that I shouldn’t do that because The owner of the restaurant -Randy Wong- would never fire him or any of the cooks because is really difficult to get cheap labor and people who wants to work 15 hour shifts. That same night I got assaulted by one of the cooks -Edgar Javier- he threw a phone at me and hurt my left hand, he also smashed me against a wall. I got everything in the security video camera I filled a police report out the cook was charged with assault and I GOT FIRED !!!! The cook is still working for IHOP, the restaurant doesn’t want to pay for my medical bills even when everything happened during mi shift!!!!! Blanca W.V.C., UtahU.S.A.

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