On May 3, 2011 I went to their returns department to obtain some shelf pins for the bookcases we had purchased the week before. The cashier said you can get 5 for free but after that each would cost $.15 each. I purchased 55 pins (plus 5 free); the cost was $8.75. nWhen I ran my debit card through the machine, an Ikea ad came up saying I could get a coupon for 1% off on my next purchase if I paid with my debit card. I paid using my debit card and the cashier gave me my receipt. nWhen I asked for the 1% off coupon, she told me it was at the bottom of my receipt. The coupon at the bottom of the receipt was for $.09 off my next purchase. I spoke to the cashier and her supervisor about the discrepancy. I told them that the 1% had been taken off this purchase, not my next purchase. They told me that the $.09 was the correct amount.

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