I purchased a refurbished Amp from ikesound.com I took them a few weeks to get the amp to me. When the Amp arrived it looked like it had been ran over by a car. It was installed by a professional, it was not in working order. I proceeded to email Ike Electronics aka ikesound.com and the person I was in contact with was’nt making any since so I decided to call, I talked to Shree she told me I could send it back anytime she gave me and RMA 3808, My son did not have the extra $36 to send it back so he had to save the money which took him 30 days. He boxed it up and sent it back. I received and email from customer service saying they require another $39 to process the return because it was after the 2 week time frame which Shree never said anything about. I have tried to work this out with Laura who says she is the Owner. Now Laura will not even talk to me on the phone. If I continue to send ikesound money this $160 Amp could cost me $234 not to mention if they charge me to ship it back! This is the worst transaction I have ever encountered! nLaurienKearney, NebraskaU.S.A.

1068 NW 3rd Street Hallandale, Florida U.S.A.


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