Complaint: This company hosted my business email account for several year. Adrian, the owner, demanded a payment of $1600.00 or he would shut down my business account. I paid the full amount and then they were to work with a new administrator who actually replied to emails and actually worked for their customers. Without warning, not bothering to send an email to double check if the account had been moved – he deleted my business email addount. Years of correspondence, files lost with his unprofessional and careless act. This companies lack of professionalism is deplorable and I would advise any company or induvidual consider any type of potential dealings with him or IKLIPTIC be avoided. This is NOT a reputuble company – do not trust them or Adrian Fisher.

Tags: Digital Storage, Internet Services, Tech Support, Web Hosting, Websites

Address: 1120 Warwick Drive Mesquite, Texas United States