I chose these guys to help with my automobile refinance. The guy that helped me cut several corners. However, he did get me a better rate. I have to give him credit for that. Yet, he failed to get me all of the necessary documents for my extended warranty, gap waiver, and interior and exterior protection coverage. He failed to mention how much they were, and i had no way to verify any of this without the supporting documents. | After calling several times, and always getting a voicemail, i finally got someone to send me email copies of the contracts. I then realized that i was severely overcharged for each of the services. One was supposed to be free, but i paid for it regardless. So, i asked for a refund once i was connected to yet another voicemail. | A week later i recieved email instructions on how to cancel the extra warranties. I submitted them that day. It was sold by national auto. They cancelled my warranties, then in a very daft move, they sent the refund check to ilendingdirect. | I am sitting at 1 month, 17 days since i cancelled, and my check is being held onto by these clowns. I’ve threatened them with legal action, i’ve tried to reason with them. You can send any piece of mail in the continental us and it will reach it’s location within 3 days. | They caused me to lose money that was borrowed because of their incompetence, and now they can’t even get a check in the mail. National auto should never be your choice for extended auto warranty. | Ilendingdirect.com are a bunch of crooks, that fail to deliver, and steal your money from you.

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