Rick cold called me touting a list of prospects compiled in the last 30 days from internet inquiries by people who were actively interested in buying life insurance. The list only contains disconnected numbers, wrong numbers and names of people who have svere income limitations and couldn’t possibly afford life insurance. Peoples assets, home values and incomes are listed and most of the names cannot afford food, rent and clothing let alone life insurance. Of the people I spoke to all denied ever having made any such inquiry and indeed they could not afford life insurance and some did not believe in life insurance, Obviously they could not all have changed their minds in 30 days. People in the insurance business absolutely know that an insurance company will not issue coverage unless the person has sufficient income/assets to protect. A person cannot buy $250,000 worth of life insurance (a popular death benefits amount for people of MODEST means) if one makes $15,000 a year or less. .

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