Complaint: After contacting the Illinois Tollway to add funds to my account and was advised after she check to see if there were any violations on my account (which I must say, they do this everytime I call and add funds to my account) I was informed that my account was in collections, much to my surprise. When I contacted the collections agency, I was informed that my account was delinguent of $11,000+ and the report goes back to 2008. I was completely baffled, for I have replaced my ipass 3 times since 2008, and for each time, they would not allow me to replace the ipass if there was a fine or violations associated to the account. Therefore, and each time I have added funds, I was placed on hold while the representative checked for any violations, and if there were any violations, they were immediate paid. For paying the violations were the only way to receive funds on my ipass. I am completely sick and have had many sleepless nights, not knowing what to do. This is completely inaccurate data. Their database is not accurate and I am torned with trying to get someone to see just how out of date their database is. Also, I must also add that, there were plenty of times when I went through the toll plaza where there was a cashier, paid for my toll, and after speaking with the representative who informed me of the surprise violations. She also made me aware of another surprise, that is regardless if I paid at the tollboth, because my ipass was on my license plates, the toll counted it as a violation. What, that means, that I have paid and now they are attempting to make me pay again. Please help. I dont know what to do.

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Phone: 630-241-6800