I am writing this complaint in reference to many that I have read and due to my experience with the Illinois Tollway. nRecently, I received some violation notices in the mail stating that I owed the Tollway upwards of $7,000 due to unpaid tolls. After calling and speaking with a tollway collection representative that was, in two words; a joke, I was informed that I had violations dating back to February of 2012. I explained that this was impossible as I didn’t use the tollway that frequently. I simply have a problem with paying to drive on a highway, because that what my state taxes should cover. Further, if the money that is collected all morning, all afternoon, all night , ALL DAY is supposed to be for our roads, then why are they so terrible, why is there only one pay booth open and why are drivers essentially forced to pay double if they do not have an I-Pass? As you could probably imagine, I was shaking in my shoes thinking how am I going to be able to justifiably pay this, let alone, come up with that kind of money! While speaking with this collection representative, she offered me a “settlement”” of $536.00 and told me that I had until a specific date (July??/2012)to pay the settlement. Well…I did because I was bent over a barrel and had no options to fight this through a court or any other avenue. After paying the money and of course having a tremendous amount of doubt

I decided to add money to my I-Pass ($40.00). nTwo months later

I called the tollway to check my I-Pass balance ($5.35) and I was told that I had violations on my account dating back to 2009 and that to date (9/14/12) my fines

fees and penalties totals more than $4

000. Are you kidding me! I had just payed them $500 plus! The collection representative began to tell me (after I had already told him about my previous payment) that there were violations that the previous collection representative did no see and that my transponder is now (even though I still had a positive balance on it) suspended if I did not pay the settlement that he was going to offer me. Just doing the math