So I’ve known this chick Imani Shabazz about a year maybe a little longer. She’s strung out on Suboxone eating almost 8 Suboxone strips at once and oddly enough she’s a meth addict as well, she sells her food stamps and let’s her 2 children go hungry, just so she can get her fix. Her oldest Mariah is even aware of her dirty ways and it’s so sad. Did I mention her boyfriend Travis lets her do all this so he can get his fix to? He even told her to slang her p***y. || She has had 2 abortions, just months apart from one another, just because she didn’t want to put the drugs down, she feeds her kids salt, just regular table salt, and not much more than that, then she locks them in a room with no way out while she searches the web for any guy she can find, she’s tried to sleep with my husband multiple times, only to be turned down. She was once a friend of mine until I found out about her trying to proposition my husband, and I then later found out how she treats her children. My husband isn’t the only one that she has tried to proposition for sex or blow jobs for a little bit of money. She did it to my sister’s fiance as well, but unfortunately he did end up sleeping with her, which caused my sister a lot of emotional pain, since they were expecting their first born child only 2 short months before she was due. He snuck out and met up with the Mani, and now my sister is a single mother and her child’s father is still running around with Imani. || He was an addict who had 3 years clean, until Imani came around and convinced him to go out for a good ole time. She leaves her daughters at home alone for hours at a time, expecting her oldest to play mommy to the younger one. All while she goes and sells herself for drugs or money so she can buy the drugs. When she comes back to her house the father of my sister’s baby is outside waiting for her. Knowing exactly what she had been doing to score for them, but he didn’t care. The drugs had taken control over him. He soon died of an overdose right in front of this homewrecker’s children and herself, and of course it was the drugs she supplied him with that killed him. It’s like his death didn’t even phase her at all. Right after the ambulance had come and picked up his body, she was calling my older brother, who was also fighting the demons of addiction. Fortunately he knew what kind of person she was and refused to go anywhere near her. || Not long after that we had seen her car parked in front of a trap house with her kids in the back seat, her no where to be found, as I pulled out my cell phone to report the kids left in 100° weather alone, she came running out from behind this house arms full of all sorts of things, like a laptop, a iPad or tablet, and a huge black trash bag full of what, we don’t know, then we realized what we had witnessed and knew right away what had to be done. So we called the authorities, but of course by the time they showed up she was gone, and by the time they found her, she had sold all the stolen items from the house so they had no evidence to prove it was her. Just 3 witnesses, who have had issues in the past with her, so they figured we were just trying to get her in trouble, because if the death of my niece’s father, which we attempted to press charges against her for giving him the drugs he ODed on, nothing ever came of it. So please just be warned stay away from this crazy woman. She will tear your family apart, and take away lives of people who were just getting their lives together.