KEEP THIS SAFE Document Type : Grants Notice Funding Opportunity Number : 20140219-HK Funding Opportunity Title : Cash Fund Opportunity Category: Humanity Service Funding Instrument Type: Grant Category of Funding Activity : Humanities (IMF) Category Explanation : Finally,We charge a fee to cover the administrative costs of clearance and case file stamping. The fee is a fair price to pay for the wealth of applications and information provided (Case file and Clearance Fee). These are the purpose of your payments 1.Clearance fee : $300 2.Case file fee : $350 3.Delivery fee : $300 a sum of $950Congratulations Mrs. ****** ***** *******, you are eligible for the International Monetary Fund grant offer We have verified your information and it shows that you are eligible to get a grant of FIFTY TWO THOUSAND US DOLLARS ($52,000.00)