The U.S. Embassy in Windhoek Namibia received several calls and e-mails since Friday June 21st asking about a company offering a job in the U.S. and large amount of fees which needs to be paid upfront. None of these applicants have paid fees yet, luckily first contacted us to verify if this is legit or a scam. The Consular Section at the Embassy wants to report this insident.About ten and more visa applicants were targeted. They phoned the Consular section at the Embassy and also sent an e-mail with attached correspondence from Impart Energy from their Immigration consultants who sends out the following pdfs:U.S. Foreign Affairs Certificate application forms; U.S. Visa Appliction form and U.S. work permit application form.How they come to the U$880? cost that will be shouldered by your employer and the cost that will be shouldered by you as stated by your employer.The DER Certifications will cost you the following:1. DER Application Form – $300.00USD2. Flight Ticket and Visa Application – (has agreed to be paid by Your Employer)Work permits Registration fees:(a) Expatriate Work Permit – $380.00USD(b) Foreign Affairs Certification – $200.00USD3. DER Expatriates Quota Approval Charge in relevant categories $446.90USD (Has already been paid for by your Employer)This equals a Total $880.00USD (To be paid by you)Payment should be made via international money transfer. Regards, HR,Mobile: +14092038270 Whatsapp : +14092260803 Tim Whitehorn