After reading the comments on this site I picked a few good tacticts from others who have got there money back. this is what i did: na friend who worked at visa said there is absolutley no way visa can get you out of the jam but in florida there is a state law that gives the purchaser 30 days to change their mind about the purchase and is entitled to a full refund. nI called the customer care line and after failing to speed up the writen script they have to follow, I answered the questions as much as I could without straying from my excuse which is I DONT WANT IT ANY MORE, ie why dont you want it = i dont want it, why did you say yes to it = because I wanted it then … you get the idea, this way she knew she couldnt get me side tracked in explanations and I can get off the phone quicker. nAfter a while of this they agreed to refund me about half of the cost, DONT AGREE TO THIS – I said no I will get the full amount, I am entitled to the full amount, I have 30 days according to florida state law to get a refund, she then said but im not a florida state resident and so I am not entitled ( I live in Canada). I said well that isnt what Visa Dispute Department says. she imediately put me on hold and came back on the line with a cancelation number for me to write down! she told me to expect to see the money in my account within the week. nI then did up my ‘official letter of cancelation’ and posted it Registered mail this way I have legal proof of the cancelation. nremember:ncancelation letter (signed)nregistered postnyou have 30 days to disputenmention you have been advised by visa or suchlike nJznvancouver, British ColumbiaCanada

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