I found the light I wanted at Impressive Lighting. It was nearly a third less expensive that the same light on other sites so I ordered it. That was February 28, 2015. I received a confirmation email stating that I could check the lead time from the manufacturer. It was 2 weeks. It’s now April 10, 2015. I have heard nothing from them. I contacted them via email. No response. I called and left a voicemail. No return call. I called again and the number appeared disconnected. I sent another email. No response. I then googled them and saw that I was not alone in my frustrations. This company appears to do this regularly. I will be reporting this as a fraudulent charge to American Express. Do Not use this company. I should have known. You get what you pay for. There’s a reason this was so much less expensive…because they don’t have to supply you product when you order. It’s easier to charge less when you don’t actually have to supply the product to the customer. What a scam.

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