published their ad in eknazar promising for guaranteed job placement after 2 months training. I contacted person called Sam MathewBut their training ended up with recorded videos .no live training was provided . and after 2 months once I instead for placement, they sent me an offer letter for amazon saying this is provision period . first they said they will place me for CVS. but I mentioned the offer letter says amazon then Sam told me yeah we have two positions so this one is for amazon.They created some imaginary company profile called Designoria website and asked me to prepare test cases. I was hired for amazon but was asked to perform test cases for Designoria website . I talked with Sam but he said this is trail project and I should just continue . There is another person called John who acts like IT guys But he is useless too.When I asked For refund they made excuse that I didn’t complete the deadlines. and the company designoria is not in position to pay . .