Complaint: Inbox Dollars on 3 occasions fabricated false narratives in order to avoid issuing payments initiated by users who requested a payment. Inboxdollars terminated my account after reaching 92.50 and after hours of emailed and chatbox communications with Inboxdollars the problem was never solved. On the second occasion under a new account at 50.20 at the point of a payment request, my account was closed. I had each account for a little over 8 months and had no problems until my earnings exceeded 100.00 comprehensively. Inboxdollar is not worth the time and they are taking desperate measures not to issue out the small amounts of money their users diligently worked to obtain. It’s time that people avoid this company and find other means to make a little extra coffee change.

Tags: Internet Fraud, Work at Home Business

Address: 1295 Northland Drive, Suite 300 Saint Paul, Minnesota United States


Phone: N/A