I made an order with this company for a name brand item(Zap Wrap electroluminescent bracelets) at a good price, but sixteen days later I recieved cheap imitations. nThese cheap knock-offs were weird colors ( which they did mention MAY happen in the product advertisement)but did not have any of the main features of the name brand product, which is what makes them unique.They do have the same patterns, but the ad’s show the name brand items, called by their name brand names, and represent them as what you will recieve. nI wrote this company an e-mail as soon as I recieved the product which, by the way, took 15 days to get here, and at a shipping cost of $8.53 for a small package weighing maybe 4 ounces, indicating that the product had been intentionally mis-represented, and that I had been intentionally mis-lead to believe that I was to recieve something other than what they sent, and that I did not want the items. I requested that they e-mail me back with return instructions, and that I expected a full return of my funds with no return or re-stocking fee’s. nFour days later, I went online after work about midnight and pulled their site up to write again, since I had not recieved any kind of response from them.I went back to the product to look at the ad again, and noticed that all referances to the name brand had disappeared, except in the product header at the top of the page. At this point, I now know that they have read my complaint/refund request,but did not address it except to attempt to cover their own butts by removing the brand names.As luck would have it, though, whenever I make an order for our business,I copy off everything for future referance purposes and have all the information in my file. nNow, I am getting angry… I know that I have been taken advantage of, and my requests for re-inbursement are being ignored. I write another e-mail, restating my case and demanding a response to my e-mail within 24 hours. In the mail I say “Look

all I want is my money back

you pay for return postage

and I chalk this up to experiance””. I can buy comparable products at a fraction of the price

and do stock some of them as an inexpensive alternative to the name brand product