Complaint: So Toni, she refused to give me her last name, has been singling me out for the past six months. She follows me around the moment I enter the store and treats me like a criminal. She trys to kick me off the property at any given chance, several times for asking someone if I could use their lighter, she will run across the parking lot just to make me leave. Yesterday and today (8/5/11 & 8/6/11) are the actions I want to report. Yesterday I entered the store, it is 120 outside so I went to get a water cup from the deli. I also brought in a cup of my own. I planned on buying several 12 packs of soda, so with that in mind I put 3 maybe four sips of mountain dew in one of the cups. She pops up out of nowhere because she was hiding behind boxes watching me and grabs my cup of soda, she said I was stealing and dumped it out. I said I wouldve paid for it but Im not going to pay for soda I didnt even drink yet. I didnt walk out of the store nor did I even get to drink any, so for her to accuse me of stealing was just a way for her to put me down. She had a big smile on her face as she rather waste product than help me out. She told me to leave because Im a thief and not to come back for the remainder of the day. Today I enter the store and there she is as usual. So I pulled out my debit card and told her I was just going to buy soda and I didnt want her harassing me like usual. She says she recalls banning me the day before and she meant for life. I asked to speak to the manager, she walked up to one on duty, gave her side of the story and before I even got a chance to speak they told me I can never return. well I live half a block away from this frys, its in my community, and I have many friends who work there. This lady is turning away my business even though i got there 2-3-4-5 times a day because of 15 cents worth of soda that I wouldve paid for given the chance. She has always mistreated me I dont know if its because of the way I look or if it is because Im middle eastern but I have delt with a ton of prejudice and racist in my life and she is certainly one of them. Im only 23 years old but today my feelings were hurt and she caused me to have an anxiety attack. Please help me do something about this lady.

Tags: Neighborhood Services

Address: 5116 W Olive Ave Glendale, Arizona United States of America


Phone: 623-266-9788