Complaint: I AM DONE WITH THIS.SIX DIFFERENT STORIES FROM YOU, ALL NOT TRUE, AND I CHECKED WITH MY BANK.YOU NEVER EVEN TRIED TO SEND THE WIRE, OR YOU WOULD HAVE SENT ME THE WIRE CONFIRMATION.I WILL NEVER PLAY AT YOUR CASINO AGAIN, AND I PROMISE I WILL POST THIS TO EVERY WEB SITE THAT WILL LISTEN. From: Support <[email protected]>Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 3:33 AMSubject: Re: Account Payout – iNetBet Casino – TraceID 36898333 Dear Karen We have checked into this and the Wire was returned as non-deliverable, in other words they refused it.. You have sent us the details for a Bank that does not accept Wires from a third party. This is now the second time we have gone to expense to send out a Check and a Wire to you and you have not ensured that the recipient will even accept a wire. Kind regards CSR Lynn iNetBet Accounts On 27/11/2018 19:36, karen eernisse wrote: THIS WIRE HAS STILL NOT HIT MY ACCOUNT, AND IT HAS BEEN 16 DAYS? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS, I HAVE PLAYED AND SPEND PLENTY OF MONEY AT YOUR CASINO….THIS IS ONLY $200.00? MY BANK NEEDS THE WIRE CONFIRMATION FROM YOU TO RESEARCH. trucklay214 Karen R Eernisse(((REDACTED))) IN HIS HANDS! From: iNetBet Casino <[email protected]>Sent: Monday, November 12, 2018 2:55 AMTo: Karen EernisseSubject: Account Payout – iNetBet Casino – TraceID (((REDACTED))) Payout Completed Dear Karen Eernisse, Your Manual-BankWire payout of $ 200.00 USD for Account ID(((REDACTED))) has been successfully processed. Swift:: FIRST YOU SEND A CHECK THAT NO ONE WILL CASH, THEN YOU REFUND 4 OTHER METHODS OF WITHDRAWL, THIS FROM SAYS SWIFT OPTIONAL. PLEASE PAY THIS OUT. KAREN EERNISSE Thank you for your continued business! Email: [email protected] Phone: NA – The Staff at iNetBet Casino – 36898333 – 11/12/2018 3:55:10 AM

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