I saw a sales ad on Facebook for children’s play sets. I placed and paid for my order on August 28,2018. We are now well into January 2019 and I am still waiting to even get a tracking number. Every time I email asking where my order is all I get is an auto response telling me thank you for contacting me and for information check the FAQ page. The FAQ page doesn’t have any information on it. When I told them I was going to report them to the ScamPulse.com I finally got a response from them asking why???? The original ad guaranteed delivery within 15 business days. Well it has been a lot more than that and I am still waiting. I don’t expect I will ever get the swing set I ordered and paid for. Buyer beware just because you see an ad on a trusted web hosting like Facebook you should still do your homework to avoid getting scammed out of hard earned money. I was buying for my 3 grandsons because it seemed like such an awesome deal and money is just too tight. Well now I still don’t have the swing set and am out the money I already paid for it.