Complaint: I recieved a postcards in the mail that stated that if came to a certain location and listened to spokes person from a local travel agency that I would recieve a Free Cruise and Round Trip Airfare for two. It stated that they were just trying to let people know about the travel agency and they were not trying to sell anything. I was skeptable so I made a copy of the post card and set up an appointment. As soon as I got there they wanted the postcard right away, they didn’t just want to see that I had it, they wanted it. Then they took us to a room and showed us slides of beautiful travel destinations, which seemed appropriate until the end and there was no local travel agent. They brought out the salesmen and tried to sell us a membership to a travel agency. This is mail fraud… Then they said that I would recieve my free cruise and round trip air fare for two and I would also recieve a $300.00 restuarant voucher. They gave me a certificate to mail in for them, so I did, and it took a long time to get them back. The only thing was the letter had a return address: Fulfillment Center 2665 N Atlantic Ave. #357 Daytona Beach, Fl. 32118, with a post mark dated Feb. 11 2014 from Oglala S.D 57764 not even from Florida. The restaurant cirtificate had an expiration date of 02/08/2014 expiring three days before they mailed it, the certificate for the cruise and airfare expired one day before they mailed it. I emailed them and they just emailed me back and said my certificates had expired and I would have to contact the group that issued it which if I had not photo copied everything I would not have that information. I contacted the postmaster generals office and was told that all of this is mail fraud. I’m waiting for the paper work now to file charges, I would suggest everyone that this happens to should do the same thing. I am also looking into filing a lawsuit against them.

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