We received a call asking us to come to a basically a timeshare presentation and we would receive roundtrip airfare for 2 adults within the continental US along w/3 days 2 night accommodation. We attended the presentation and received the travel certificate information. I had been to many of these and found the process so complicated that i just gave up. This time I decided I was going to see it through and see if we could get the “Flyaway Reward Vacation for 2″”. First you had to register

i read the detailed fine print and was sure to send off our request in a 6×9 envelope

certified mail with postage paid return. I assumed if I failed to follow the instructions perfectly that somehow they would make the offer invalid. There was a $50 PER PERSON deposit so we sent that via money order by certified mail as well. The entire time I wanted to get more information about were we could go PRIOR to giving them my money

but all they told me was a travel representative will contact you. These conversations were the first realization that there was more money involved. They kept saying depending on when you go there could be a charge of between $89-189 per person. This figure was repeated by different reps every time I tried to get more info. Most popular destinations like Vegas or Orlando were basically on-season no matter when you traveled unlike true travel agencies. Anyway

determined to see it through