I clicked on an add on Facebook for Shark report’s free sample of Ingerent Beauty and ys cream. It stated it was free but I had to pay shipping. I entered my debit card info and had to pay $4.95 + $1.95. When I finished I became nervous about the purchase and googled the line. It was reported to be a scam. I found the above phone # and called about 15 minutes later. The phone rep promised to cancel my order as it involved an auto monthly fee that was over $80. He told me he could not refund the payment I made because that money already was sent to the US Post Office. He promised me an email confirmation that I did not receive. I waited 2 hours and called back to talk to a different representative. She told me my account was cancelled. I called my debit card bank and realized they charged me two times @$4,95 and one at $1.95. They said I will not receive the product. I do not want another senior citizen going through this nightmare.