First, the blackberry phones took over two months to arrive. They kept saying they didn’t receive the 3 forms of identification they required. I faxed and emailed them over and over to them several times a day. nThe phones were then sent to my home address instead of the work address I gave them to send it to – and was left on the front porch in the winter. Afterwards, found they gave me misleading information on the service ncharges for the blackberry unlimited charges by the phone company – I was told unlimited blackberry web was $5.99 each month on the phones- they were actually $19.00 each. I was also to get two $50.00 rebates thrunIphonic/wirefly on the two phones and submitted them after 6 months as required by them and told it took longer than the 4-5 weeks as originally on their rebate forms and after each time I called I was told they received my rebate information from me later and later and then told me the rebates were actually 6 months and the information of 4 to 5 weeks was wrong. nThe rebates were received in received May 23 to them and still no rebates. nMinnienWantage, New JerseyU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.


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