The entity placed an ad in the paper for opinion research for two days paying $500.00. After a telephone interview they said my son was accepted and sent a lengthy questionnaire. Unfortunately, I wasn’t present when he received the questionnaire so I don’t know what it asked, but it was seven pages long. I became suspicious when the email failed to list any details regarding the position and what he would be doing. I called and became more suspicious when I mentioned that I was interested, but needed more info about the company. The lady preceded to first say that there was no such listing in the paper. When I persisted she changed her position to all of the opening were filled. I asked again about the company’s name and function for future purposes, and she became irate and hung on me. My son called me later and said that she called him nervous saying she didn’t need any problems and because of my questions, she was terminating his application. I am concerned that there is possible impropriety on some part of this woman or company. I am concerned for young people who might be interested in such an appealing job posting being caught in the middle of something detrimental to their well-being. I could be wrong, but too many red flags were raised not to be certain. Thanks.