I put my car up for sale on KSL and got a text from a girl named Jessica saying that she was interested. She asked for my email to ask me some questions. This is the email she sent:Hi,thank you for replying to my text. I am very interested in getting your car but do you happen to have a report on the vehicle? Would like to make sure there have not been any serious issues with it. I do just feel safer about getting a vehicle with an official report because I have had friends and family get shafted buying used car before. If you do not know where to buy this kind of report I can recommend you this site: insightvin.com/. When I was selling my truck I used it and it works well. I hope this is not a big problem for you. Be sure to let me know if/when you get a report so I can check it out.Thank you for reply,I went ahead and got her the report, but didn’t hear back from her and did some research and found out this is a scam site. I got an email from my bank saying that the charge originated from the Netherlands.