Ordered a luggage bag as a Christmas Gift, before I paid I wanted to ensure I would get it 1 and 2nd. On time for christmas. I procesed when I was assured. Only for Christmas to come and go & me not have an item that I was told I would. December comes and goes, then January, I had to always reach out and contact the owner, and all I got back was a one liner ‘ it’s back order’ I am still trying to get it’. Wait what? Trying to get it? Finally I requested a refund and she said she did not have my money but could give me $10.00 into my paypal? What I did not pay on layaway! I paid all upfront. So by now I am ticked off, running low on patients and tired of broken promises, then I am told a check is in the mail. She mailed me a check! What? Okay, sure anot her month comes and goes and the last respond was ‘I mailed you a check’. companies that get away with this and keep money that does not belong to them is beyond wrong! I want it to not happen to the next and the next person after that.

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