After applying for a loan online that finds lenders, I got a call from 434-258-5390 claiming to be insta cash express and I’ve been approved for a loan and the monthly repayment options are set according to my flexibility in terms of amount. They asked me to email my drivers license and current utility bill to their email.Later got a call that the funds are ready, but first I need to buy an apple itunes gift card and load it with monthly payment for my loan which is $207. They said I don’t need to share any gift card details, but just need to send them a picture of the gift card receipt stating date/time, amount loaded and the barcode on the receipt. They assured me that by doing this my money is safe and this is just a way to ensure the lender that I have enough money to pay the 1st month due. It sounded very much like scam and I said I need to think about it and hung up.