Complaint: Hello there, I think a year ago I heard about InstaGC to earn some money with it but now I have 1,000 point and I wanted to get a gift card. So I went to the giftcard shop and I neened to fillin my personal phone number, ok, i’ve done that… Then I saw a message that I needed to fillin a ticket about that. So I did that and they were saying that I needed to update my personal information. Then I updated it and now they are saying that I need to explain all of my changes: I tough this was a fake website (that what I’m thinking now again, because they are asking all of my personal information and I’m not getting my “rewards”” And I moved on Feb 2016 in my home country. Now they want me to make a PayPal account that I don’t want to have and verify my InstaGC account. I kinda want to keep my information as private as possible

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Address: that the reason why I didn’t fill in all of my information and don’t want to make a PayPal. InstaGC used me as a product to make money for them and I will not recommend InstaGC to my friends and family because of this bad services and blocking my account. instaGC is owned and operated by Day Online Solutions

Website: Internet USA

Phone: LLC. Business address is as follows: Po Box 48; Sellersburg