Purchased a ready made website from instant superstore on 11-10-14 for $208.86 and have not heard from them since. left a few support tickets with never a reply back. Finally i went to three different places and filed complaint, one of which is paypal. right now it went from a dispute to a claim. if anyone is contenplating ordering one of their ready made websites please don’t do it, it’s like they have vanished from the face of the earth, and you will just lose your hard earned money. the website was inactive when i clicked on the link. i found information on the internet about them with email addresses and a phone number but none of them worked, contacted the hosting site and it came back undeliverable. my only hope now is that paypal will see that i should get my money back. i have also read other complaint from people who also had problems with instant superstore. bottom line is STAY AWAY FROM THEM. .
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