Complaint: When I turned my computer on June 2, 2018, the screen was black with what looked like all my computer files scrolling on the screen. A message came up on the right side of screen that said u201cMicrosoft has detected your computer is being attacked. Call 1-888-518-4967 for assistanceu201d. I called the number. The person answering the phone had an Indian accent and stated that he needed to block hackers ASAP and that the IP security was u201cmessed upu201d. It appeared he was able to see in my computer and see what was going on, even before I gave permission. There was a black box on my computer which showed who was in my computer and the person I was speaking to circled the numbers in a red marker. He (I did not remember his name) said I had 17 hackers in my computer and he could provide a Malicious Software Removal Tool. He said a Level 5 IP technician who was a Web Security Expert Technician would advise me and would be able to fix my computer. He said his name was Roy and his ID was MS1264. He would take care of the following for $200.00: 1. Secure all date, 2. Take care of the hackers, Optimize all devices, 4. Protect all personal and financial information, 5. Service all devices, 6. Install IP security. I had a security breach of my network firewall. At this point, I was starting to panic and had the first u201cIndian accentu201d person transfer me to Roy, another person with an Indian accent. He started to tell me about US Cyber Law and the Data Protection Act. He said my IP address was a permanent address which never expires. He quoted me prices for 1 year, 3 years, or 5 years protection. As he was talking, I wrote down what was on the computer screen: Unique Customer ID (security), Services:, Merchant name:, Helpline:, (company name??) The cost would be $199.99 for clean up and $399.99 for a one year service. I agreed to go with this. At this point, it was around 11 PM. Roy then started the clean up process, telling me it would take 45 minutes to 1 u00bd hours and he would call me back when completed. I asked that he call me on my cell phone as my husband had gone to bed and I did not want the land line ringing in the bedroom. A few minutes after this conversation, my cell phone rang. I answered the call and it was u201cKeenanu201d calling from Texas, to tell me that I had been hacked and to disconnect my computer. I asked him how he got my cell phone number and he said I called him!! I said I had not called him and wrote down his number 844-417-8776. He wanted to Clean up my computer and started to quote me prices. He also told me to report the fraud to the Federal Trade Commission at 877-382-4357. He still wanted to clean up my computer and was pressuring me for a credit card number. It was 11:45 PM at this point and I told him I was not making good decisions and I asked for a number to c all him back in the morning. He gave me an Austin, TX number (he said) 512-707-3102) and said it was corporate. He said he was in Charlotte, NC and he got into this business because his mother had been scammed. His voice was male, slight Southern accent. At this point, I hung up the phone and turned off my computer and disconnected it from all power. I wrote down the name of the company: Intregal Solutions,888-227-9443, MSSA1008 (customer id). There was a receipt for the Visa transaction in my junk email for $599.98. On Sat, 6/2/18, I took my computer to Geek Squad at Best Buy in Dedham, MA. They found 5 Virus and Spyware applications on my computer. Documentation attached regarding their findings, 5 viruses were found on my computer. On 6/6/18, I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding Integral Solutions. Attached is the complaint reference number:96445867. On 8/22/18, I filed a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I have tried to contact the company by mail 3 times, but I have had no response. I have disputed the charge on my Visa but I did not receive a credit as I do not have a contract to show I did not recieve the services promised. This company is fraudlent and the like to hack into computers and steal your money.

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