I received approval from Integrity Field Services, Inc. in July to do some minor rehab work on a foreclosure. They asked me to do it on a rush basis which I was happy to do for them. I completed the job in July and it is now November and I have not received payment. The total job was about $1300. I started calling in August when I realized we had not been paid, I was given voicemail after voicemail after voicemail and after calling several times a day for about 4 days I finally got someone in accounting on the phone. She gave me the run-around about how they were waiting on approval and that it was normal for it to take this long blah blah blah blah. She also said she would call me the very next week which was when she thought they would have approval. Of course the next week came and went with no phone call. I started emailed 2x per day each day with really no luck. Now 4 months after we completed the job I got an email saying they were only able to send me $500 and would continue to make payments as the money was available. What a ripoff. Even if I actually get a check for $500, which is doubtful, who is allowed to make partial payments? The home actually sold 2 months ago which means they were already paid for my work they have just chosen not to pay me. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY, all over the web there are contractors with stories about them not paying. I just wish I would have googled them before I agreed to do the work.

3660 Center Road Suite 365 Brunswick, Ohio United States of America



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