I brought my laptop, which is acer 6920g to intellect computers owned by Amir, about two weeks ago because I had a problem with the screen. I will now explain Amirs point of view and mine. Amir is claming that the main motherboard is not working anymore because there is a spillage on it. But the fact is, the motherboard was working perfectly fine, I only brought my laptop to Amir because there was a fault on the screen nothing else, I used my HD TV as a screen for my laptop. Amirs argument is because the motherboard has a spillage (Some liquid form) on it, when they tried to change the inverter to fix the screen, it caused a short circuit on the motherboard and damaged it. The reason why I am writing this because I have had a second opinion from another expert technician. I explained to him what has Amir told me, and he said ‘ the motherboard wouldn’t short circuit, because anything has dried up in it already and, has not caused a problem will not then cause a problem. So basically, I dont really know exactly what has Amir done to my laptop, he is not being honest with me and with his job, and I want my laptop back exactly how it was when I first handed to him to get it fixed.

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