This is an online furniture store which boasts of having the lowest prices on the internet, no sales tax, flat rate shipping and discount prices due to lack of showroom or storefront. What they DO NOT TELL YOU IS, they actually by your items from places like OVERSTOCK.COM and charge you a higher price. I bought a bed I was not aware was listed on OVERSTOCK.COM for $684 from this company using PAYPAL. A few days later I recieved a call from a company called ACE DELIVERY SERVICE that my bed ordered from OVERSTOCK.COM was ready for delivery. I told them I did not purchase a bed from OVERSTOCK. I googled the bed the name of the bed they said they were delivering and I found it listed for over $100.00 less on OVERSTOCK than I paid for it on INTERIORTRADEFURNITURE.COM. When I called INTERIORTRADE, and questioned whether or not they were simply a front company buying items from OVERSTOCK and selling for a higher price, a woman with a very thick chinese accent named ADDY acted like she did not know what I was talkiing about and told me to send an email to their customer service email address for a price match. When I called ACE DELIVER SERVICE and OVERSTOCK, they confirmed that INTERIORTRADE bought the bed from OVERSTOCK using my billing and shipping information and listed it as a GIFT. When I called back demanding a refund Addy at INTERIORTRADE FURNITURE said a price match was the best she could do, that nshe would not give me a refund. When I told her I would sue if I did not get a refund, she hung up in my face. This is fraud. Based on info I received from OVERSTOCK, I was advised I would only be able to get a refund through INTERIORTRADE FURNITURE, and that I should I refuse delivery of the bed from ACE DELIVERY. They also told me INTERIORTRADE FURNITIRE is listed as a Chinese company. I called PAYPAL, explained the situtation and and opened a PAYPAL claim disputing the purchase. I also filed a complaint with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU in CHICAGO. INTERIORTRADEFURNITURE.COM subsequently sent me a threatening email stating I would never win my PAYPAL dispute due to their 30% shipping and restocking fees each way and that I’d better just accept the price match. nThis is a fraudulent chinese company, who will rip you off by purchasing your items on OVERSTOCK and claim they can keep your money if you become wise to their schemes due to bogus restocking fees. I currently have almost $700 hanging in the balance due to this criminal operation. They do not advertise themselves as a shopping service which is what they should do if they are going to purchase items from OVERSTOCK and charge a much higher price nDO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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