Received a voicemail yesterday at work from this company, then I called them back this morning – they were alleging that I had an account placed in collections with them from a Progressive Business Publications. Progressive Business Publications has contacted me multiple times over the last couple years about a subscription that I’ve told them multiple times were not interested in, they continue to send us publications anyway. They’ve sent invoices to our Accounting department in the past and I’ve sent them back with a note written on them stating we’re not interested, please stop sending. When I called ICR back today, Cynthia Thomas at ICR said I owe them $299 for the publications sent since October. I am not authorized to make purchases for my company, I would not agree to anything that cost $300 without my managers approval. I told her this and she said I could pay $130 instead if I did it right that second. I again told her I could not pay her anything without speaking to my manager and again that I did not want this subscription. She threatened me that if I didn’t pay her now the debt would be taken to collections against me personally. When I asked her how that was possible without my information she said "we have all your information"…the only personal information she could recite was my Day and Month of birth. After telling her multiple times I wasn’t going to pay her anything today, I hung up the phone and began researching ICR and Progressive Business Publications. It quickly became apparent this is an ongoing scam!