International Financial Partners contacted me by phone, both home and cellphone. Deborah McLauren knew about my timeshare in Mexico. Had account number, my address and other information. Allison Black was the broker, nasty smoker’s voice was to finish the contract and send the closing docs to Investment Capital Group in Burlingame, CA to do the escrow and transfer of title. IFP stated that because the property was in Mexico I had to pay capital gains to Carlos Sanchez, director of SAT. Then, tax for the transfer and 10% good faith for part of the balance on the timeshare still owing. I paid, paid and paid. Investment Capital Group sent me the email to transfer funds to Banamex Bank in Mexico to account held by Daniel Andrade Uscanga, the beneficary. 10% good faith went to Luis Gonzalez at the same bank. Craig Crofton was the escrow officer in charge and his manager was Chris Walker. Hector answered the phone. Which now the phone work, but go straight to voice mail. $18K later, I am broke, have receipts from Banamex Bank with wire transfer information, but there was no money in the account to make the transfer. Lies, Lies, Lies…… I still have the timeshare, which I have contacted Palace Resorts to let them know my information was probably taken from an employee. I sent someone to International Financial Partners in Diamond Bar, CA and talk to Jack Ryan or Josh Lawrence. He reported back they were nervous and said no one by that name worked here. On Friday, April 3, 2015, Fedex a letter to Internation Financial Partners and according to the carrier the business is closed. I also sent a letter to Investment Capital Group, which the owner called me and stated I was not the only one IFP scammed, but they were also using all there information, such as license, address and Craig Crofton. They have file a report with the FBI and every other agency, because these scammers are using his name. Today, April 7, 2015, I received an email from Jack Ryan and Alex Castillo says there are sorry the took my money. Where do I go from here? The email today has a new phone number and Alex Castillo is a new name. There website is still up and running, but the 800’s does not work. If anyone else has dealt with International Financial Partners, Inc. or Investment Capital, please contact the Burlingame police department or FBI.

402 S Prospectors RD Suite G Diamond Bar, California USA