Haven’t issued a refund


My Complaint: I ordered their product DNA/x Cell Rejuvenator and received a product that did not look like the advertisement. I called and they said they ran out of that item and substituted. I received the product on 4/15/14 and returned it on 4/29/14 and they signed the receiver on 5/1/14. I called and tried to get to someone that could help me, but they said the bookkeeping dept would contact me, but as of today 9-2-14, I have receive no phone call or a check for my refund. I think they are a scam, as they haven’t responded to even a letter request that I sent on 7/1/14.


My Demand: A Refund per their stated lifetime guarantee, if I am not satisfied with the product. As I returned it complete and they signed for it